Royals farm system stocked with talent

26 Jan

Although it seems more and more likely that we won’t see the spawning of Dayton Moore’s grand farm system plan in the 2011 season, the Royals undoubtedly have a lot to look forward too. MLB has six Royals in their top 50 prospects. For the full article click here

The 2011 Kansas City Royals

21 Jan

Going from a $70M to $40M payroll in 2011, the Royals don’t appear to positioning themselves for a playoff run this year. With a bevy of talent coming up through the farm system it appears the Royals are trying to get by on the cheap while waiting for better days.

Read the whole story here.

Gene “the machine” and the whirling Sperlings

16 Jan

How will the return of the ‘Clintonites’ shape economic & foreign policy in the Obama White House? Meet the players

KC Chiefs top non-rushing TDs of 2010

13 Jan

Coming off a 4-12 season, many thought an 8-8 season would be a stretch. But, with a solid draft class, a top ranked rushing attack and a much improved defense the Chiefs won the AFC West and hosted their first playoff game since 2003. See the highlights here.

A non-partisan ranking of BCS National Championship Games

6 Jan

It can stand to reason that the later in a game the winner is decided, the more suspenseful, the more exciting and hence the “better” a game is… here is a ranking of the 12 BCS National Championship Games as seen through the eyes of the game clock: NCAAF Championship Game Rankings


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